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  2. Les sublimes photos des mariées sont arrivées, je peux dire un bouquet de photos magnifiques !!!! que d’émotions !!! Les amoureux sont trop beaux ainsi que tous les invités. J’ai pu ce soir revivre ces moments très forts d’une maman et d’une belle maman grace à elles !!!! Mille merci à Stéphanie Marle qui a su merveilleusement bien immortaliser ce moment magique !!! Tous mes compliments

  3. ( Celine, je ne sais pas si vous avez vu sous le fil précédent le « Russia Blues » que j’évoque … je ne connais pas vraiment les auteurs R. Lesnik et H. Blanc mais ce qu’elles présentent de la Russie corrompue me paraît corroborer ce que qu’on peut en comprendre, d’ici .. très loin donc de cet immense pays, en lisant la presse et les terrifiantes affaires qu’elle révèle: la mort notamment d’anna Politkovskaya m’avait horrifiée .. )

  4. two months ago, the HomeQuest team put on a real estate educational event in Portland that I thought rock’d…  With four great speakers (Gahlord Dewald, Garron

  5. August 28, 2012 – 9:13 am Also, don’t forget awareness dates! There are days, weeks and months for every pursuit and commemoration under the sun. Scan “awareness dates” on Wikipedia and see which pertain to your business. I also encourage people to take ten minutes every day to write down what happened and then convert that into: comment on relevant news, a question answered, client problem solved, amusing anecdote, case study and more. The hard part is taking the ten minutes!

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  7. Related to this “lost income opportunities (assuming environmental sustainability is not being violated etc)”, what would happen if the expansionary monetary policies are not backed-up with real resources (energy, water, metales, etc…)? More generally, is MMT theory compatible with a world of finite resources? How does the MMT accommodate to that view? AFAIK, MMT tries to generate growth through gov spending, but, what would happen if this spending cannot be achieved due to a lack of material resources?

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  12. Oh, prefiero confrontaciones con ideas que con balas. Pero ya te digo que me interesa saber tu opinión acerca de lo que te he expuesto.Te recomiendo un libro que expone las mías desde el sentido común, «economía en una lección» de Henry Hazlitt. Es fácil conseguirlo porque debe ser el libro de divulgación ecónomica liberal más exitoso de la historia.Un saludo.,

  13. his biggest worry is that the spacecraft’s heat shield will not detach as planned.Doug McCuistion cautioned Tuesday at the Farnborough Airshow south of London that many things can go wrong when the Mars Science Laboratory mission sets down a large, mobile laboratory on Mars.He says the odds, historically, are against a successful outcome: of the 40 Earth missions to Mars, only 14 have succeeded. He predicted that this latest mission has a medium-to-low risk profile.The spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral last November and is due on Mars on Aug. 6

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  18. it’s a MUST! Not for ME! We have an off white fridge that matches the caninets and a black dishwasher, The stove is stainless and black and that’s quite enough stainless for me. SS sticks out like a sore thumb to me in an otherwise traditional kitchen. On a stove? OK, but NOT everywhere. You may think I have too many appliances that don’t match – not the case. A touch of black looks good in ANY room and my fridge looks part of the cabinets and doesn’t scream FRIDGE!!!! SS?? TOO COLD!!!

  19. cham — Protest signs with « castrate » aren’t gender specific? It’s also pretty divisive. There were three lines; gender, wealth and race. And all were weighted against the innocent young men and for the stripper.As the photo at the bottom of article shows, it wasn’t a very racially motivated attempted lynching.

  20. Hey Ivan!Great idea to make a post and recap on your older and good posts. You’ve given me the idea to do this for my next post, something like ‘My 15 favourite articles”.Going to read some of these articles you mentioned over the weekend when I’m relaxed and have more time:)Cheers and have a great day!.-= Diggy –´s last blog .. =-.[]

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  23. Excellent post, Mary Ann.Every practicing Catholic should read Brian Clowes and David Sonnier's report that you mention. The scientific data used to support their analysis is incontrovertable evidence that there is a link between SSA (disorder) and the se*ual abuse of children.Now, why wont the USCCB *stop* calling the se*xual abuse crisis in the Church a pedophelia issue? Over and over again they use the P word – never the H word!Cdl. Bertone is absolutely correct – it is a homose*ual problem. Good for him.

  24. To Anonymous: How can some one be subject to an expusulsion order from somewhere where they are not not even resident? I have heard that the author can't even speak anyone the 3 languages (Arabic, French or Berber) of the country, never mind residing there?To Tania (NY-USA), if you really believe that this site is "the best thing in Morocco for years.." then you are really partaking of too much of the top of your tall poppy, and then going on to post on this blog at 4am NY time!!!

  25. Tienes razón: Borges es un referente. Puedes encontrar muchos de sus cuentos en Internet, tampoco es necesario que tengas el libro físicamente a mano. Yo, en mudanzas y traslados, siempre lo llevo junto a Bradbury.¡Gracias por pasarte por aquí!

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  28. Later this month, or very early next month I’ll be offering pre-orders for the print version of Rival Angels, collecting the first 34 pages. You read my mind!! lol There’ll be a couple other pages on the girls in there. I’ll also be including a sketch of your favorite Rival Angel as well, but more on that in a few weeks.And thanks for the offer on the cover help, I appreciate it!

  29. Raphael, j’ai appris il n’y a pas longtemps également que la veille du match, Nadal a eu un contrôle inopiné de dopage, chose qui n’arrive jamais au tennis habituellement. A quel point cela l’a t’il déconcentré ? On sait tous combien ses tics insupportables sont une façon de garder sa concentration, qui est son plus grand point fort.Le divorce et ses genoux ne l’avaient pas empêché de faire le meilleur début de Roland qu’il n’avait jamais fait avant cela.

  30. Sono stata una dei fortunati a ricevere lo spettacolare gadget di Jalbog al corso eComLab, e ne sono rimasta affascinata. Già anni fa avevo scoperto l’esistenza del guerrilla gardening, ma non mi ero mai cimentata. Adesso non ho più scuse: devo dare il mio contributo per trasformare il brutto in bello!P.S. poi con la pioggia di questi giorni credo che dalle nostre bombette possa crescere qualsiasi cosa…

  31. What good will removing the article do? It has been live for months, and will be well embedded in Google’s index, I am sure ‘offending’ sites will now be well known to Google.Question from me: do you hold any personal grudge against the starter of the challenge, or anyone who has participated/benefited from it? Why slag of such a good blogging idea, with no evidence from Google?Not meaning to be rude, just want to understand your point of view.

  32. – Bob Lefsetz writes a lot about technology changing the music world and compares it to the motion picture and television industry by saying that the latter is going through the same changes as the former, but is just a little behind. He says they are making the same mistakes to resist change and hold on to their fiefdoms. While there are still some court filings by aggressive companies like EMI, they are losing and the old model is on its way out. Those who resist change and do not adapt to it will be the ones left out in the cold.

  33. Katha –Yes! I guess Tom is “cute” and watchable. I don’t think he’s a very good actor, though, and his performances are not unique or everlasting. If he has a talent it is picking the right script that fits his limited persona.Yes, Anthony Quinn is irreplaceable — as is Audre Hepburn. Barbara Streisand is another irreplaceable as is Liza Minelli.

  34. I had questions about that, too. Brace as in neoprin (sp?) sleeve? Full on brace like your an offensive guard in the NFL? Does it impact his movement? Is it more psychological than physical? I will ask, however due to some real life scheduling issues I’m not going to be getting to as many team preseason events as I’d like. But I’ll see what I can find.

  35. American, I think your second notion is right. The Guardian, being English, has more patience and can always adjust the balance later, which is something the right leaning US outlets can’t. I imagine the Guardian delighted by the brouhaha. I am not familiar with Treviño’s output but if he has this tendency to put his foot in it that might have influenced them to go for him. Patsy?

  36. I have, and always have had, these settings, but for some reason, a totally unsaved (for example, it was called “untitled 2″) TextEdit document disappeared when I opened up my laptop this morning. I don’t remember quitting and saying “don’t save” at any point, though it’s possible. Is there anyway it auto-saved to a weird spot? (I checked “open> recent”- no luck.)

  37. Hello,I don’t mean to be rude, or to alter you in any way, but how can you say that you don’t feel like bitching about anything after Nov 3rd ‘ s post “FML”. I kinda like your notes, and this duality struck me the instant i finished reading the first paragraph. Good luck !

  38. …in Philly, it is tougher to get a conceal permit to carry a fire arm than damn near anywhere else in the country. Even if you pass a criminal background check the police can prevent you from getting conceal permit based on your character or reputation alone.We do things differently in Michigan.=)Field, is that a Philadelphia restriction or a state restriction?

  39. This is just another example of how ideology can block out the plain facts that reality screams at people. Such ideological blindness often leaves me breathless, but the amount of Fonden money missing is over the top! It makes me sick! It makes me angry! It makes me lose all faith in the democratic process where people are expected to vote in their own interests!

  40. that the person receiving the majority of the Electoral College votes "shall be the President."President George W. Bush handed him the keys to the White House and he took control of the nuclear football with the launch codes to US missiles.He's no usurper and he has won 151 lawsuits challenging his eligiblity and he has lost ZERO.Congress has confirmed his nominees and sent him legislation to sign into law as recently as yesterday.If you don't want him to be president, vote the sucker out.

  41. Woo! I missed your blog. I think you have a totally different style from anyone else I read. I think it is easy to be sucked into it when the aesthetic is everywhere. (I have found myself wanting lavender hair, but not as much as I want bright red). Fortunately for me all the mod-cloth faux vintage dresses are too expensive for me and I have to continue buying random clothes from charity shops so I don't have a clear look at all. I hope you still enjoy blogging and I will check out the sites you mention.

  42. pmVery informative, but not shocking after all of their other assaults to the Constitution.One Ilse Koch was too much for the world, why would Pelosi want to imitate her?“When we try to explain that to Speaker Pelosi’s Caucus, we are threatened with criminal sanctions. We are told to shut up or face federal agents. Such treatment may be acceptable in the former Soviet Union, but it’s repulsive in the country I love and served. Is this hope and change?”

  43. Hahaha… Slipp pus fri! Etter Ã¥ ha skrevet pusteknisk hjelpemiddel tre ganger i innlegget, ble jeg diskret gjort oppmerksom pÃ¥ skrivefeilen av en som stÃ¥r meg nær. Til min unnskyldning er jeg uttdannet grafisk designer og ikke skribent. NÃ¥r noe ser visuelt riktig ut, sÃ¥ er det riktig. Heldigvis har jeg redigeringsmuligheter. Jeg velger herved Ã¥ slippe pus fri, slik at pusten fÃ¥r all den oppmerksomheten den fortjener.

  44. I understand hunting rifles. I understand handguns. I understand properly licensed, trained private individuals carrying firearms to protect themselves. I do not understand why military assault rifles even exist outside battlefields. What possible, positive service do these things provide? Because lord knows we know their dangers. Seriously? What’s the payoff — aside from the fact that gun makers, gun store owners and Walmart can profit off them?

  45. >there are few opportunities in the District to move from low to medium density.That’s just not true. I listed a whole slew of them in my original post. Yeah, it would be politically difficult to redevelop East Potomac Park, the Pentagon parking lots, National Airport, and Bolling Air Force Base, but certainly no more difficult than getting buy-in to raise the height limit.

  46. WOW!!!! I am actually surprised to read that you have been looked at in a negative way. All things happen for a reason. GOD makes no mistakes. Your child and your marriage is a blessing. It doesn’t matter which one came first. I am so happy that you are not allowing anyone to steal your joy….. WOW!!! some people are so quick to judge…… that’s a SIN right there…. so that makes them NO BETTER!!!! CONGRATS on you nuptials and your beautiful blessing that is growing inside of you.

  47. Thank you for this. wow, it must have taken a lot of time to compile all these videos. I have always wanted to be a muscular person but could never get motivated to stay on track. I think your blog will help. Question: Your workouts seem to train the same body parts daily. I’ve heard you need to give your muscles a day of rest. What do you have to say about that?

  48. I was thinking… our church’s men’s group is really popular and has been for years because they always do these movie/book lessons and sometimes get the author or someone invovled in the making of the video or the book to come at some point to the men’s group meeting. So maybe doing a « themed » Sunday School, like a six-week course on such-and-such that you can advertise by itself, so that someone can commit to those six weeks and not necessarily the entire school year?

  49. Per KarakitapOltre ad Annibale, non dimentichiamo le migliaia di schiavi nordafricani che i Romani deportarono in Italia dopo la sconfitta (201 a.C.) e poi la distruzione di Cartagine (146 a.C.), oltre naturalmente a quell’altro serbatoio servile che fu l’Anatolia.Ciò ha contribuito ai tratti somatici sovracitati di molti italiani, soprattutto da noi.ciaops. gli antenati briganti di cui parlano risalgono all’epoca della conquista piemontese?

  50. Don Quijote Looking at the rest of the world, the solution seems pretty obvious:Americare – a defined basic health insurance package paid for through general taxes, and for those who can afford it and want it, a regulated market that offers supplemental insurance.Now that would be the rational solution to our problem, and all we would be left to argue about would be what is to be included in the Americare package, what should the co-pays and deductibles be.

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  53. Don: thanks buddy. Resizable images/video previews are something I really need to worry about (it looks weird on mobile as of now).Social media options, well, I’ve intentionally left that out. Maybe in the future. Right now I want it clean… normally I share something “manually” when I think it’s worth it anyway.Posted by on ·

  54. heh heh heh, you left out "TAG LOAD ALL YOUR VIDEOS ON THE SIDE OF EVERY FAILBLOG, RAYWILLIAMJOHNSON AND SHANE DAWSON VIDEO YOU CAN FIND." I mean really, that is what almost all Partners are doing lately, even thought it violates YouTube's TOS. Flagging the videos to be misleading doesn't help even though they even change their video titles to be misleading. YouTube, do something about all the Partners cheating by tag loading. Thanks.

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  58. – Oh ja, das war eine schöne Hochzeit! Mehr Fotos! Mehr von den tollen tollen tollen Fotos! Wäre ich nicht schon verheiratet, würde ich Dich nochmal engagieren :DAugust 8, 2011 – 11:38 am

  59. Jennifer, what a great looking meatloaf! I can understand why your husband would want more.. Not being a blogger, I had no idea of Meatloaf Day or anything remotely like it… but, guess what? I just made meatloaf yesterday!I don t think I’ve ever used the same recipe twice, and to be honest, I don t think I’ve ever followed a precise recipe for it, but yesterday I happen to include in my meatloaf something I had in the freezer – caramelized onions!it was awesome! for the meatloaf lovers out there, try it sometime…

  60. Hi, Robin! Thank goodness Fat Quarterly led me to you- your work is so inspiring. I, too, made a quilt for a school auction a couple of years back. I had the kids (Nursery students) put their handprints on the fabric. This project of yours looks much more involved- I can’t wait to read back through the archives and find out what your process was!

  61. Nej det som i praktiken har sagts är att lagen ska ändras så att man möjligör en laglig komersiell exploatering av sexualitet som har barn som fokus med enda undantag att denna inte får utgöras av fotografisk eller filmad dokumentation av faktiska övergrepp.All annan komersiell exploatering av ämnet "barn och sexualitet" ska göras laglig.Det är vad som har sagts.

  62. Comparto plenamente que las actuaciones son INSUPERABLES!!!!! Lo de Luciano, con esto se consagró, lo de LIto fue digno de un maestro y lo de Leticia es tan buena que he escuchado mucho decir ¿será así o se hace??? Genia absoluta. A la Producción solo se puede decir FELICITACIONES!!!!!! Se los va a extrañar….

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  68. I think that Fr Fox’s comment is good in moderation. I have seen good and bad versions.Good: 1. a priest at a mass that had a younger crowd than most, stepped behind the altar and did the actions of the Eucharistic prayer (without the elements) and pointed out how we should actively participate (in a proper sense).2. Marriage homily, where the priest went up to the couple and to speak about the sacrament.Bad: a priest who wanders outside the sanctuary for no apparent reason.

  69. J’ai les mêmes :1- la pauvreté et tout ce qui en découle bien sûr, vue mes râleries bloguesques un autre choix eut été étonnant … 2- la pédophilie … c’est ignoble3- J’appellerai le point « liberté d’expression », « régression intellectuelle et culturelle », parce que franchement plus ça va, plus c’est pire …

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